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3333 Basilisks battling it out on the blockchain...

A collection of 3333 Bothered Basilisks are being launched onto Solana. Collect and battle with them against other players in order to come out victorious and reap the rewards.

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- Community building and marketing         campaign

- Weekly server based AMAs

- Art and Game sneak peeks

- Initial mint

- Listing on secondary marketplaces



- Holder verification

- Locked staking and LP launch

- Remaining 1/1 Auctions

- Community events for holders

- WL opportunites for holders


- Game Launch

- Staking unlocked as utility as game and burn mechanisms go live

- Competitions and tournaments where the community votes on prizes

- Breeding and more...

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The Team

The Bothered Basilisks Team

Basilisk#0001 / Founding Father

Breeze#3333 / Founding Father

Breeze AKA Benji, based in the UK has spent the previous years studying economics and business alongside working part-time jobs such as warehouse work, media management and front of house in restaurants. Delving into crypto and NFTs on the side, Benji never wasted a second not focused on revenue. Trading stocks and crypto starting from minimal investments up to a healthy and large portfolio allowing him to cut down on his previous part-time jobs and focus much more on Web3. Studying Solana NFTs and tokenomics, Benji ensured he was well informed before he ever made a decision on a possible venture or investment.

Atomic AKA Hayden is currently based out of Canada. His journey into the NFT space started once he realised that Crypto and NFTs were the inevitable future and wanted to become more knowledgeable about these topics before it was to late. In August of 2021 his journey began, spending countless hours reading books and watching educational videos in order to learn and understand what an NFT even was and how they work. Once he was able to understand the block chain he began investing into projects on ETH before quickly realizing Solana was the blockchain he would rather pursue. His main goal is to major in business and continue to learn and grow from his experiences in the NFT and Crypto world and look to move into the Web3 space full time.

Asiago#1948 / Project Advisor

Asiago AKA Alex is 22 and currently based in the UK. Alex spent most of his life researching the complexities of psychology and its correlation and application to business. Alex's father is a very successful entrepreneur so there was always that competitive nature to exceed the reach of his predecessor. Alex started his business ventures at 16 by working for an online gaming organization where he held the position of project lead and dictated the direction of the development of the game. Sometime later Alex worked as a product photographer for his father's company. The transferable skills for this career are advantageous as it teaches you patience, and to have an eye for detail, as well as stepping back and observing from another perspective is your biggest tool. After this career path, Alex did humanitarian aid work in SEA and upon returning worked as a business optimizer. This covered areas such as marketing, product export management, and increasing sales revenue. Alex spent most of his youth learning about business, psychology, and economics.

Chipa#2490 / Community Manager

Works as freelance social media marketing consultant and works in many verticals of community engagement seen in the NFT space. Chipa has a masters degree in digital and business marketing from WSU and will oversee all community events and community development. Chipa will also be administrating the discord and building efficent safety measurement systems.

AlexDragon#1655 / Lead Developer

Alexey Yamada, our full stack blockchain dev, is 32 and currently based in the Serbia. Has worked on lots of successful NFT projects like SAGC (shredded ape gym club), Aiko, Moduluc (enviro) on Solana. Highly proficient in writing smart contracts with Solidity and Rust.

Mister V / Twitter Manager

MisterV has worked a part of a SEO marketing agency for over 10 years and worked as a product marketing manager for Google. He has experience working as a freelance etherium NFT twitter manager and has mastered the twitter algorithm. MasterV has a PHD in mathematics and statistics and a bachelors degree in psychology from Oxford University.


Official certification of doxxing

Atomic#5844 / Lead Admin + Collab Manager

Basilisks AKA Reuben is based out in the UK and is currently studying economics and dedicating the majority of his time to expand his knowledge of the Web3 space. First entering the discord space as a sneaker reseller he quickly transitioned to crypto and NFTs and was entranced by the scene around him. After quickly falling in love with the space, he worked to ensure that he was well equipped with experience and information to navigate and thrive in the Web3 space. With a background of entrepreneurship from flipping sneakers to even flipping outdoor furniture, the Web3 space suited him perfectly but after a while Reuben decided he wanted to establish his name in the Web3 and NFT world and create a long-lasting and successful project. And thus, the Bothered Basilisks were born!